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Steven L. Nguyen


My Full Story

My Path in Movement

Throughout my life, I have been on a quest to explore various forms and modalities of medicine that address pain. My initial motivation was to enhance athletic performances and further my career. However, as I delved deeper into this field, I quickly realized the profound impact that healing through touch can have on alleviating one's pain and enhancing their quality of life.

My journey began in childhood, where I studied numerous forms of martial arts, including Karate, Kickboxing, Capoeira, Internal Chinese Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Pekiti Tirsia Kali. I also have a background in dance, where I coordinated and assisted my peers in improving their movements. Moreover, I became an international competitor in dragon boat racing and recently took up Running, Bouldering, and Archery. My diverse experience and knowledge in movement, athleticism, and competitions enable me to understand what athletes and many individuals are seeking through manual manipulations.

One of my biggest accomplishments was winning the Silver Medal in the World Cup Crew Championship at Macau in 2010. However, the experience was bittersweet as we lost the Gold Medal by 0.04 seconds. As high-level athletes with a strong competitive nature, my teammates and I developed physical pain, which eventually affected us not only physically but mentally as well. These accumulations of stresses inhibit our quality of training and growth in sports and life.

My observations led me to seek the path of touch and its various healing forms of manual manipulation. I have continuously educated and cultivated myself in various forms and modalities of medicine, ultimately realizing that healing through touch is significant in alleviating one's pain and enhancing their quality of life.

My Path in Medicine & Healing

My pursuit of medicine and healing was heavily influenced by my late dragon boat coach, whom I held in high esteem. He was not only an exceptional leader but also a beautiful human being who inspired and motivated me in unforgettable ways. During his decline, he stressed the importance of a healthy lifestyle, a positive mindset, and striving for greatness. His interest in Chinese Medicine gave him a sophisticated understanding of the beauty of life, which further sparked my interest in the field.

I began my journey into medicine with a strong foundation in biological science, psychology, and environmental science during my undergraduate studies. I also obtained my Pharmacy Technician certification and worked in the field for many years, where I witnessed firsthand the struggles of people in pain seeking relief. This strengthened my resolve to help those in pain through holistic methods. Additionally, I worked as a Physical Therapy Aide in both inpatient and outpatient settings, where I assisted rehabilitation program directors and companies.

Moreover, I spent over a decade apprenticing under Simon Woo, a renowned Traditional East Asian Acupressure Master, gaining invaluable experience in helping individuals on their path to recovery and healing. Furthermore, I completed my New York Massage License with the prestigious Pacific College of Health & Science, known as the "Ivy League of Massage Schools" and a renowned institution for East Asian Medicine. In addition, I also obtained my License and Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which includes the practice of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology and more.

With my extensive knowledge and experience in medicine and my passion for holistic healing, I can listen attentively to an individual's concerns and help them reach a higher level of quality of life.

My Current Path & Work

I obtained my New York Massage Therapy license with extensive experience in manual manipulation and acupressure. I also received a Masters degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine and am a licensed practitioner. Currently, I am pursuing a Doctorate in East Asian Medicine. Additionally, I serve as a teacher's assistant for the Massage Therapy program and the Masters of Traditional Oriental Medicine program at the Pacific College of Health & Science. I frequently tutor students in Biosciences, Chinese Herbs Theory, Acupuncture Points & Theory, and Oriental Medicine Theory.

Outside of my studies, I am exploring and learning partner dances such as Salsa on 2, Bachata, and Brazilian Zouk. This allows me to gain a deeper understanding of non-verbal communication, body awareness, and dynamic and kinetic movements.

The Future Vision

I believe that the world is full of ancient healing techniques that have been forgotten but can still provide immense benefits to people today. My ultimate goal is to discover these lost gems of knowledge from different cultures and bring them to my patients, providing them with the best possible holistic care.

I am passionate about exploring and learning new techniques that can help people achieve better health and wellness. Through my extensive training and experience, I have gained a deep understanding of the body, mind, and spirit connection, and I know that true healing comes from addressing all of these aspects of a person.

As a practitioner of East Asian Medicine, I have a unique approach to healing that combines acupuncture, herbal medicine, and other holistic therapies to promote balance and harmony in the body. I work with each of my patients individually, taking the time to listen to their concerns and needs, and creating a customized treatment plan that addresses their specific issues.

My ultimate goal is to help my patients achieve optimal health and well-being, so they can live life to the fullest. If you're looking for a compassionate, knowledgeable practitioner who is committed to helping you achieve your health goals, I am here to help.

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