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Image by Ravi Roshan


Mandates of the Mission

As an East Asian Medicine Practitioner and Manual Therapist, our primary objective is to enhance the wellness and quality of life of our clients by addressing their physical imbalances with the traditional acupressure technique. With our vast experience in Healthcare, Western Sciences, and Eastern Physical Arts, we are capable of quickly diagnosing and efficiently addressing many physical issues.

Our main focus is to educate and inform society about the various holistic and healthy approaches available to achieve a higher and balanced quality of life. We strongly believe that every individual should have access to information about alternative healing methods.

The lost healing arts that can greatly benefit the modern world are abundant, and our ultimate goal is to explore different cultures to learn the vast amount of ancient therapies and share them with the world.

Steve aims to establish a successful integrated healing business by utilizing Massage & East Asian Medicine to address individual pain and assist high-performance athletes. His mission is to help high-performance individuals achieve their goals, train effectively, and live without pain and physical limitations through holistic methods.

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