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Sunset Buddha Statue
Soothing Bell


Spring 2022

Monday AFT: 1pm - 5pm
Wednesday AM: 9am - 1pm
Thursday AFT: 1pm - 5pm
Friday AM: 9am - 1pm




The Next Journey of Education

Initial Visit

Follow-Up Visits
Adults $48 | Seniors $34 | Students $34

On my journey of exploring the archives of different healing arts and their intertwingling relationships, it has eventually led me to East Asian Medicine. The fundamental foundation of this long and ancient medicinal art was originally derived from Chinese Medicine. The medicine itself aims to treat the individual rather than the pathogen or disease. It is an empirical medicine, based on over 2,000 years of detailed clinical records and case studies. However, its true philosophy and power lie with the relationship of yin and yang, which means life itself and the relationships of everything throughout life. There are various modalities used in Chinese Medicine to restore an individual's sense of balance in terms of Qi, Blood, Yin, and Yang. Starting January 2022, I will be an intern at Pacific College of Health & Science and will be working with patients! Come explore another gateway to modern health and wellness.

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